• Come build The City of Life

    Vitalia is a movement to start a longevity network society—a multi-jurisdiction society built around “making death optional”. The movement starts with a two month pop-up city taking place in Roatán from January 6th to March 1st, 2024.

    Vitalia Access Pass: $500

    Vitalia housing: $1,250 - $4,250 per month (deadline: Dec 10th)

    Scolarships available

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  • What's happening during Vitalia's first pop-up city?

    Our first popup city and the long-term network society will harbor renegade life scientists, artists biotechnology engineers and an entrepreneurially driven community of people that care about life.


    It will be an experiment in co-living and co-working with an aligned community. The goal is for a permanent district to be formed on Roatán, and seed new locations where we can build self-governing cities.

  • The Four Bi-Weekly Themes of Vitalia 2024

    For Vitalia 2024, we have curated four bi-weekly theme weeks, each culminating in a summit.

    The themes and their order have been thoughtfully chosen to foster a journey from problem identification to solution creation.


    See detailed schedule here.


    Longevity & Human Improvement (Jan 14 - 20, Summit: Jan 19)

    Life is good, death is bad. How can we have more of life and less of death? And more is not enough - how can life be good itself. Longevity is not only a question for life scientists and engineers, it also touches on question of philosophy, law and economics. In this theme week, we introduce longevity as a concept linked with all aspects of human improvement, and aim to gain a comprehensive understanding.



    • The Bioscience of Longevity
    • Business Models for Longevity Companies
    • Economics and Incentives of Healthcare Systems
    • Philosophical Views and Ethics of Life Extension

    Crypto Cities & Network States (Jan 29 - Feb 4, Summit: Feb 3)

    Satoshi Nakamoto opened the Pandora's Box to a paradigm shift that touches the fabric of society: how we exchange value, how we assign and track ownership, how we govern communities and whole civilizations. This is a crypto-focused theme week that looks at the big picture: the shifts that crypto-technology is causing to empires, nations and cities alike and the modern forms of governance that come out of it.



    • Frontiers in Crypto-Technology: Money, Identity and Finance
    • Network States and the Disruption of Governance
    • Real-Life Crypto-Economies and Communities

    AI & Techno-Optimism (Feb 5 - 11, Summit: Feb 10)

    Technological shifts inspire hope and fear. The hope of AI is to become a technological accelerant that solves problems of modern life and in nearly all areas of industry - it touches everything.



    • The 80-Year History of the Final Technology
    • Progress and Stagnation in the History of Technology
    • AI x Longevity - How Intelligence Can Extend Life
    • AI x Everything - From Art to Industry

    Pathways to Life Extension (Feb 19 - Feb 25, Summit: Feb 24)

    This will be a time to present solutions and promising pathways for healthy life extension, including ones generated during Vitalia. This week is an opportunity for our residents to collaborate with the broader aging research and longevity biotech industry.



    • New Drug Development
    • Clinical and Healthcare
    • Biohacking and Self-Improvement
    • Incentive Design Solutions
  • Watch a quick overview of Vitalia

    Our co-initiator, Laurence Ion, spoke about Vitalia at The Network State Conference in November 2023.